Villas Rent In Castellvi De Rosanes

villas rent in castellvi de rosanes

3 villas rent in castellvi de rosanes

chalet rent castellvi de rosanes el taió by 1,800 eur


250 m² 4 beds3 baths 15 hours ago

The property has 4 bedchambers, 3 baths, swimming pool, terrace

single family house rent cervello cervelló by 1,800 eur


To 7 Kms. away from castellvi de rosanes

336 m² 4 beds3 baths 1 day ago

builded surface 336 m², flat util surface 336 m², nº single bedr: 2, nº double bedr: 2, 3 nº bathroom, air-conditioned (cold) , old ebetween 10 and 20 years, heating (natural gas) , int.carpentry, conservation status: in good condition, garage, garden (own) , laundry, swimming pool (own) ,...

single family house rent sant vicenç dels horts sant antoni by 300 eur


To 11 Kms. away from castellvi de rosanes

20 m² 2 beds1 baths 13 hours ago

The single family house has 2 bedchambers, 1 bath, very bright exterior


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