Villas Sale In Villagonzalo

villas sale in villagonzalo

3 villas sale in villagonzalo

separate house sale villagonzalo nueva by 95,146 eur


201 m² 2 beds1 baths 19 hours ago

detached house of a plant located in the municipality of villagonzalo, badajoz province. located in the urban helmet of the population. environment of buildings, residential and industrial use in apple open. urban fabric with residual activity when you have exhausted the majority of urban land is...

separate house sale alange castillejo by 51,916 eur


+27%Has gone up €11,116

To 9 Kms. away from villagonzalo

118 m² 19 hours ago

Economical separate house in castillejo area alange.

separate house sale alange almendros by 140,450 eur


To 9 Kms. away from villagonzalo

285 m² 19 hours ago

house of two plants located in the municipality of alange, badajoz province. core autonomous small size. environment of single-family homes up to three floors between buildings. measures of facade about six metres by fifteen metres deep, approximately, which makes a total area of approximately...


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