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Why use online home valuation?

Vender tu casa

If you want to sell your house in Spain

When you are going to sell your home in Spain, the online valuation tool will give you an approximate selling.

Se alquila o vende casa

If you want to rent or buy a house in Spain

Use the online valuation to find out if the price is within the market price.

Se alquila casa

If you want to rent your home

If you want to rent your house in Spain, it will help you to know the rental prices in the area.

The Home value estimator algorithm calculates the value of the home based on the price and characteristics of other similar homes in our database. You must bear in mind that the result of the home price study is merely indicative and lacks any contractual or official validity and may vary with respect to the official appraisal value.

the estimator is only available for homes valuation and only in those areas where we have enough samples to compare with.

How do we calculate the home value?

We use our database to estimate the value of the home and it is only available in populations where we have a sufficient sample to compare with, for this reason, this tool may not be available in some populations.
  • We extract the average value of the square meter of the town or district.
  • We calculate the average price per square meter and the average number of bedrooms of similar homes within a radius of 500 meters around the valued home.
  • Based on this information, the state of the home and age, we apply the correction factors to the price.
  • Finally we get a selling price very tight to reality.
Explanation how we value homes