Price per square meter in Spain

Data calculated at June, 2024

Average price in Spain:

0.37% Monthly

Average price per square meter in Spain

The average price per square meter of second-hand homes for sale in Spain during June 2024 stood at 1,928 Euros because of the increase of 0.37% compared to the previous month.

To elaborate this statistic we have taken the data of the houses for sale in spain from our database of second-hand homes introduced by owners and professionals, The prices are entered by the user and do not necessarily have to be their final sale price.

The information refers to properties type houses in Spain, Taking as a reference the area built to avoid other attachments may have as a garden, terrace, etc ... Houses with a constructed area and price less than 35 m² and 25,000 Euros and more than 200 m² and 500,000 Euros have also been eliminated from this statistic. to avoid the influence of extreme prices, both excess and default, at the same time, All provinces and towns where the sample is less than 80 houses are outside of this statistic, so the data of these provinces or towns will not appear or do so with zero value.

Average prices and evolution by provinces

MadridProperties for sale Madrid0.93%2.67%5.84%3,387
BarcelonaProperties for sale Barcelona0.40%1.72%2.06%3,311
AlavaProperties for sale Alava0.29%0.58%0.48%2,661
AlbaceteProperties for sale Albacete0.19%0.69%3.85%1,333
AlicanteProperties for sale Alicante0.72%2.50%7.22%2,255
AlmeriaProperties for sale Almeria0.71%2.41%4.07%1,667
AsturiasProperties for sale Asturias0.82%1.73%2.60%1,756
AvilaProperties for sale Avila0.49%0.46%1.33%1,345
A CoruñaProperties for sale A Coruña0.61%0.67%3.77%1,734
BadajozProperties for sale Badajoz-0.34%-0.34%0.95%1,281
BurgosProperties for sale Burgos0.15%-0.33%1.12%1,438
CaceresProperties for sale Caceres0.13%1.86%4.63%1,350
CadizProperties for sale Cadiz0.51%1.24%4.27%1,994
CantabriaProperties for sale Cantabria1.01%2.02%3.07%1,856
CastellonProperties for sale Castellon0.40%1.74%1.30%1,811
Ciudad RealProperties for sale Ciudad Real0.18%0.27%0.89%1,150
CordobaProperties for sale Cordoba-0.43%-0.78%-0.89%1,670
CuencaProperties for sale Cuenca-0.09%0.99%3.11%1,336
GironaProperties for sale Girona0.19%1.73%2.52%2,420
GranadaProperties for sale Granada0.59%1.76%2.63%1,944
GuadalajaraProperties for sale Guadalajara-0.21%0.46%1.67%1,781
GuipuzcoaProperties for sale Guipuzcoa-0.08%1.75%6.86%3,450
HuelvaProperties for sale Huelva0.83%1.78%4.64%1,584
HuescaProperties for sale Huesca-0.56%-1.14%0.98%1,756
Islas BalearesProperties for sale Islas Baleares0.88%3.08%9.87%4,071
JaenProperties for sale Jaen0.33%0.34%0.02%1,300
Las PalmasProperties for sale Las Palmas1.01%2.33%8.58%2,212
La RiojaProperties for sale La Rioja0.24%0.45%2.67%1,590
LeonProperties for sale Leon-0.27%-1.10%-0.19%1,177
LleidaProperties for sale Lleida0.59%0.53%2.16%1,620
LugoProperties for sale Lugo0.22%1.78%1.74%1,347
MalagaProperties for sale Malaga0.89%2.47%5.96%3,212
MurciaProperties for sale Murcia0.50%1.39%4.54%1,828
NavarraProperties for sale Navarra1.07%2.83%4.08%1,722
OurenseProperties for sale Ourense0.29%0.73%-0.54%1,268
PalenciaProperties for sale Palencia-0.23%-0.58%1.76%1,189
PontevedraProperties for sale Pontevedra0.38%1.59%3.91%1,717
SalamancaProperties for sale Salamanca0.96%2.00%2.78%1,376
SegoviaProperties for sale Segovia0.68%2.30%3.93%1,555
SevillaProperties for sale Sevilla0.51%1.40%4.01%2,070
SoriaProperties for sale Soria-0.38%1.19%0.68%1,503
Sta. Cruz De TenerifeProperties for sale Sta. Cruz De Tenerife0.79%1.84%9.92%2,386
TarragonaProperties for sale Tarragona0.30%1.51%2.51%2,047
TeruelProperties for sale Teruel0.49%0.99%0.14%1,384
ToledoProperties for sale Toledo0.91%1.73%4.10%1,589
ValenciaProperties for sale Valencia0.83%2.04%6.03%2,040
ValladolidProperties for sale Valladolid0.29%1.56%2.71%1,738
VizcayaProperties for sale Vizcaya0.20%0.63%2.92%3,231
ZamoraProperties for sale Zamora0.30%1.14%0.28%1,316
ZaragozaProperties for sale Zaragoza0.43%0.48%-0.07%1,987
AndorraProperties for sale Andorra0.29%3.78%8.05%3,577

Cheapest provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
LugoProperty for sale Lugo1,0900.00%
MurciaProperty for sale Murcia1,1130.01%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,1360.05%
Castellon de la PlanaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1610.11%
CuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1900.15%
AlmeriaProperty for sale Almeria1,2550.07%
LleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2570.09%
ValladolidProperty for sale Valladolid1,401-0.02%
LeonProperty for sale Leon1,4120.07%
AlicanteProperty for sale Alicante1,4430.09%

Most expensive provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
Madrid CapitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital4,2700.61%
Barcelona CapitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital4,1340.47%
AndorraProperty for sale Andorra3,6720.72%
Palma de MallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca3,4871.27%
BilbaoProperty for sale Bilbao3,4280.22%
SevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,6320.58%
ValenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,6300.69%
A CoruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,3050.10%
CadizProperty for sale Cadiz2,2621.69%
MalagaProperty for sale Malaga2,0901.23%

Cities with the highest quarterly increase

Town €/m2 Q. variation
cadizProperty for sale Cadiz2,2625.91%
andorraProperty for sale Andorra3,6724.53%
palma de mallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca3,4873.99%
malagaProperty for sale Malaga2,0902.97%
santa cruz de tenerifeProperty for sale Santa Cruz De Tenerife1,8602.86%
granadaProperty for sale Granada1,9542.47%
barcelona capitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital4,1342.46%
valenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,6302.45%
madrid capitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital4,2702.34%
sevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,6321.96%

Cities with the highest quarterly decrease

Town €/m2 Q. variation
almeriaProperty for sale Almeria1,255-1.52%
murciaProperty for sale Murcia1,113-0.56%
palenciaProperty for sale Palencia1,469-0.20%
castellon de la planaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,161-0.07%
lugoProperty for sale Lugo1,0900.00%