Who we are and what we offer

We are an independent group that we provide real estate activities this online platform as a meeting point of information between each of them and individuals who want to buy, sell or rent a property.

The agencies have also a simple but effective tool to develop the internal management of real estate listings, and controlling the sales department.

www.housespain.co.uk is the Real Estate website that makes the difference

This difference is marked by the degree of involvement that we take with our customers not only by compromise.

  • We value possible Synergies (synergy is sum by multiplying energies linked and pointing to the same target. in Synergy the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts and the traditional arithmetic is modified, 1+1=4)

  • We apply dynamism (system that considers the corporeal world as made up of groups of simple elements, and whose strength is essential background is the power), adapting to offers and needs.

  • We promote collaboration, Mechanical have been installed to encourage group responsibility. We believe that the MLS is the future of the real estate market.

  • We believe that the secret of success is not doing more with more but also doing more with less, y change paradigm when the moment requires. It is precisely this change that can to bankrupt a company that is aware of it slow transformation process that is being experienced on the way to the real estate business.