Lands Sale In Granada

lands sale in granada

14 lands sale in granada

rustic property sale granada by 7,000 eur


1 day ago

sold - finca for sale of olive grove, granada area, only 7,000 euros per hectare. the farm has newly built warehouse.

land sale granada acceso a la alhambra by 109,000 eur


13 hours ago

buena oportunidad con precio excelente! se ubica parcela urbana en la localidad de alfaguara. sólo a doce kilómetros de granada y cerca de sierra nevada.

land sale granada suecia en polg. el marchal by 93,434 eur


+8%Has gone up €7,475

6820 m²

Second Hand land to buy in suecia en polg. el marchal area.

rustic property sale maracena albolote, zona de - maracena by 175,000 eur


To 4 Kms. away from Granada

373 m² 3 beds1 baths 13 hours ago

Second Hand rustic property to buy in albolote, de - maracena area area maracena. The rustic property has 3 bedchambers, 1 bath, swimming pool

land sale pulianas cruz by 193,765 eur


To 5 Kms. away from Granada

1097 m²

Second Hand land in cruz area pulianas.

land sale la zubia gredos by 55,628 eur


+9%Has gone up €4,946

To 6 Kms. away from Granada

Second Hand land to buy in gredos area la zubia.

land sale huetor de santillan molino alto by 70,000 eur


To 8 Kms. away from Granada

32 m² 5 hours ago

Discounted Price land in molino alto area huetor de santillan.

land sale belicena belicena ventorrillo by 69,000 eur


To 8 Kms. away from Granada

295 m² 18 hours ago

Economical land to buy in belicena ventorrillo area belicena.

land sale alhendin del frontilin by 84,600 eur


+8%Has gone up €6,768

To 8 Kms. away from Granada

5379 m²

Discounted Price land to buy in del frontilin area alhendin.

land sale alhendin suecia polg. el marchal by 96,503 eur


+7%Has gone up €6,520

To 8 Kms. away from Granada

Second Hand land to purchase in suecia polg. el marchal area alhendin.

land sale las gabias cortijo de san javier by 180,483 eur


To 9 Kms. away from Granada

Second Hand land to purchase in cortijo de san javier area las gabias.

urban land sale otura by 2,500,000 eur


To 9 Kms. away from Granada

10000 m²

it is a quiet and peaceful place, full of leafy trees and surrounded by fields of cultivation and olive groves. just 10 minutes to the center of the captivating city of granada.large plots of at least 60 m2. it has the largest pool in granada. there is also an independent children's pool.wooden...

land sale santa fe alcalde agustin molino by 129,000 eur


To 10 Kms. away from Granada

Second Hand land in alcalde agustin molino area santa fe.

land sale dilar cañadas del parque by 49,687 eur


To 11 Kms. away from Granada

5 hours ago

Second Hand land in cañadas del parque area dilar.

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