Lands For Sale In Montserrat

lands for sale in montserrat

7 lands sale in montserrat

land sale montserrat tros alt by 47,400 eur


-10%Has dropped €4,700

990 m²

Discounted Price land to buy in tros alt area montserrat.

land sale montroy calle plaça poligono 17 by 313,619 eur


To 2 Kms. away from Montserrat

59439 m²

Second Hand land to buy in plaça poligono 17 street area montroy.

land sale llombai vista alegre by 87,600 eur


-3%Has dropped €2,100

To 8 Kms. away from Montserrat

141 m²

Economical land to purchase in vista alegre area llombai.

land sale catadau lloma molina by 44,000 eur


+62%Has gone up €16,867

To 9 Kms. away from Montserrat

1700 m²

urban terrain without urbanization consolidated located in the urbanization lloma molina, 35-6 in the town of catadau (46196 - valencia)

land sale turis remigio benito by 43,934 eur


-1%Has dropped €425

To 9 Kms. away from Montserrat

46 m²

Economical land to purchase in remigio benito area turis.

land sale el vedat de torrente sector parc central by 269,000 eur


To 12 Kms. away from Montserrat

Second Hand land in sector parc central area el vedat de torrente.

land sale picassent barranc esquina avenida del sur by 461,000 eur


To 12 Kms. away from Montserrat

1309 m²

Second Hand land in barranc esquina avenida del su area picassent.

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