Premises Sale In Albacete

premises sale in albacete

7 premises sale in albacete

premises sale albacete imaginalia by 51,200 eur


-15%Has dropped €8,900

52 m² 1 baths 3 days ago

Economical premises to buy in imaginalia area albacete. The premises has 1 bath, very bright exterior

premises sale albacete circunvalacion by 334,700 eur


213 m² 3 days ago

Second Hand premises to buy in circunvalacion area. The premises has very bright exterior

premises sale albacete rosario by 73,300 eur


+12%Has gone up €8,100

47 m² 2 days ago

Discounted Price premises in rosario area.

premises sale albacete salamanca by 503,460 eur


+2%Has gone up €10,069

220 m² 2 days ago

Second Hand premises to buy in salamanca area.

premises sale albacete lerida by 45,624 eur


-5%Has dropped €2,076

59 m² 2 days ago

Economical premises in lerida area.

premises sale albacete manuel de falla cv calle granada by 208,950 eur


270 m² 2 days ago

Second Hand premises in manuel de falla cv granada str area.

premises sale albacete by 195,995 eur


460 m² 7 beds4 baths 6 days ago

incredible, four properties for sale in the same plot and place. a place nestled in one of the best areas of albacete. close to the town of bonete, a few kilometers from alpera, and 50 km from the capital, is a mountain and valley area, the highest area of this part of la mancha. it has...


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