Premises Sale In Baza

premises sale in baza

4 premises sale in baza

premises sale baza centrica by 220,000 eur


223 m² 1 beds 6 hours ago

1 Bedroom premises in centrica area baza. The premises has 1 bedchamber, storage room

premises sale baza jose mora by 156,918 eur


+2%Has gone up €3,385

94 m²

Second Hand premises in jose mora area.

premises sale baza don enrique enriquez by 1,121,834 eur


609 m²

Second Hand premises to buy in don enrique enriquez area.

premises sale baza ruben dario by 127,187 eur


+18%Has gone up €19,833

132 m²

Second Hand premises to purchase in ruben dario area.

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