Premises Sale In Loja

premises sale in loja

5 premises sale in loja

premises sale loja town centre by 186,500 eur


-6%Has dropped €10,000

149 m² 2 baths 7 hours ago

commercial premises located on the main road of loja with a construction of 149 square meters. the price of the property includes an industrial kitchen with extractor hood and industrial refrigerator; also included are a small refrigerator and freezer, 9 tables and more than 20 chairs. this...

premises sale loja de la merced by 71,635 eur


+27%Has gone up €15,310

14770 m² 1 baths

Economical premises to purchase in de la merced area. The premises has 1 bath

premises sale loja las tiendas by 286,768 eur


-4%Has dropped €11,621

507 m² 2 baths

Second Hand premises to buy in las tiendas area. The premises has 2 baths, terrace

premises sale loja jesus by 185,400 eur


-10%Has dropped €18,600

384 m²

Second Hand premises to purchase in jesus area.

premises sale huetor tajar redonda sur by 90,825 eur


+7%Has gone up €6,385

To 9 Kms. away from Loja

201 m²

Economical premises in redonda sur area huetor tajar.

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