Apartments Sale In Najera

apartments sale in najera

5 apartments sale in najera

flat sale najera camino de la guindalera by 55,080 eur


+34%Has gone up €13,989

87 m² 3 beds1 baths

The property has 3 bedchambers, 1 bath, terrace

flat sale najera grupo rey don garcia by 49,071 eur


+35%Has gone up €12,767

103 m² 4 beds2 baths

The flat has 4 bedchambers, 2 baths

flat sale najera alesanco by 53,000 eur


-11%Has dropped €5,905

99 m² 3 beds1 baths

apartment is located in the town of najera, in the province of la rioja. the home is located in a building that dates back to the year 1976, and that is composed of seven floors, no elevator.

flat sale najera san fernando by 90,000 eur


-5%Has dropped €4,500

136 m² 4 beds1 baths

The property has 4 bedchambers, 1 bath, terrace

flat sale cirueña la rioja by 59,000 eur


-15%Has dropped €10,000

To 13 Kms. away from Najera

90 m² 2 beds2 baths

apartment located on the first floor of a building consisting of four floors above ground and a basement below ground level, in the town of cirueña, in the province of la rioja. environment suburban residential single-family housing, along with some developments of medium size, located next to the...

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