Price per square meter in la villajoyosa vila joiosa

Data calculated at April, 2020

Average price in la villajoyosa vila joiosa:

-0.03% monthly change

Square meter price evolution of second-hand homes in la villajoyosa vila joiosa

The average price per square meter of second-hand homes for sale in la villajoyosa vila joiosa during April 2020 stood at 1,693 Euros because of the decrease of -0.03% compared to the previous month, and the cumulative quarterly increase is 0%.

To elaborate this statistic we have taken the data of the Houses for sale in la villajoyosa vila joiosa from our database of second-hand homes introduced by owners and professionals, The prices are entered by the user and do not necessarily have to be their final sale price.

The information refers to properties type houses in la villajoyosa vila joiosa, Taking as a reference the area built to avoid other attachments may have as a garden, terrace, etc ... Houses with a constructed area and price less than 35 m² and 25,000 Euros and more than 200 m² and 500,000 Euros have also been eliminated from this statistic. to avoid the influence of extreme prices, both excess and default, at the same time, All provinces and towns where the sample is less than 80 houses are outside of this statistic, so the data of these provinces or towns will not appear or do so with zero value.

Average price in the most important towns of Alicante

AlicanteProperty for sale Alicante0.02%0.27%-4.08%1,438
AigüesProperty for sale Aigües0.00%0.27%4.49%1,163
AlcalaliProperty for sale Alcalali0.00%0.04%-0.29%1,710
AlgorfaProperty for sale Algorfa-0.01%-0.39%-10.74%1,936
AlteaProperty for sale Altea-0.10%0.10%-1.91%2,015
AspeProperty for sale Aspe-0.02%-0.04%0.28%995
BeniarbeigProperty for sale Beniarbeig-0.01%-0.38%-13.85%1,169
BenidoleigProperty for sale Benidoleig0.00%-0.96%18.64%1,237
BenidormProperty for sale Benidorm-0.01%-0.08%-4.67%2,115
BenijofarProperty for sale Benijofar0.00%-0.04%-0.11%2,160
BenissaProperty for sale Benissa0.01%0.26%-8.94%1,845
BigastroProperty for sale Bigastro-0.14%-0.30%-1.87%1,248
BusotProperty for sale Busot0.02%0.18%-2.96%1,458
Callosa D´En SarriaProperty for sale Callosa D´En Sarria-0.05%-0.59%8.61%945
Callosa De SeguraProperty for sale Callosa De Segura0.00%0.03%-1.55%876
Calpe CalpProperty for sale Calpe Calp0.15%0.46%-0.69%1,996
CastallaProperty for sale Castalla0.00%0.17%-8.72%978
CocentainaProperty for sale Cocentaina0.00%-0.05%11.51%1,022
CrevillentProperty for sale Crevillent0.00%0.01%10.41%1,026
Daya Nueva0.00%0.48%-8.17%1,605
Daya Vieja0.00%0.22%0.90%1,685
DeniaProperty for sale Denia0.06%-0.02%-5.29%1,848
DoloresProperty for sale Dolores0.00%0.41%-12.00%1,377
BenitachellProperty for sale Benitachell0.00%-0.06%0.50%1,906
El CampelloProperty for sale El Campello0.07%0.41%-7.72%1,752
El Rafol D´AlmuniaProperty for sale El Rafol D´Almunia0.00%0.30%10.92%1,329
El VergerProperty for sale El Verger-0.03%0.21%7.11%1,208
Elche ElxProperty for sale Elche Elx0.00%0.28%-2.73%1,159
EldaProperty for sale Elda0.01%0.08%-2.41%896
Els PobletsProperty for sale Els Poblets-0.02%-0.54%4.87%1,821
FinestratProperty for sale Finestrat0.01%0.01%-2.82%2,091
Formentera Del Segura0.14%0.75%-0.61%1,056
Gata De GorgosProperty for sale Gata De Gorgos-0.15%-0.45%-1.80%1,052
Guardamar Del SeguraProperty for sale Guardamar Del Segura-0.01%0.19%2.24%1,880
Hondon De Las NievesProperty for sale Hondon De Las Nieves-0.08%-0.05%2.17%1,191
Hondon De Los Frailes-0.03%-0.12%-4.14%1,141
IbiProperty for sale Ibi0.01%-0.15%-8.10%765
Jalon XaloProperty for sale Jalon Xalo-0.02%0.26%-1.11%1,602
Javea XabiaProperty for sale Javea Xabia0.01%-0.01%-4.95%2,114
La NuciaProperty for sale La Nucia-0.03%-0.15%4.09%1,623
La RomanaProperty for sale La Romana0.01%0.51%-3.03%1,058
La Vall De Laguar0.00%0.00%-13.62%1,283
La Villajoyosa Vila Joiosa-0.03%-0.08%-10.65%1,694
LliberProperty for sale Lliber-0.02%-0.47%0.44%1,872
Los MontesinosProperty for sale Los Montesinos0.02%0.88%-15.61%1,696
Monovar MonoverProperty for sale Monovar Monover-0.06%-0.05%-4.72%863
MurlaProperty for sale Murla0.00%0.00%4.43%1,720
Muro De AlcoyProperty for sale Muro De Alcoy0.00%-0.11%3.45%1,049
MutxamelProperty for sale Mutxamel0.09%0.15%-10.19%1,233
NoveldaProperty for sale Novelda-0.06%-0.08%5.42%915
OndaraProperty for sale Ondara0.05%0.04%-1.63%936
OrbaProperty for sale Orba0.09%0.23%2.78%1,625
OrihuelaProperty for sale Orihuela-0.04%0.81%-7.81%1,824
ParcentProperty for sale Parcent-0.45%-0.49%-18.81%1,406
PedreguerProperty for sale Pedreguer-0.04%-0.57%4.18%1,393
PegoProperty for sale Pego-0.03%-0.73%-5.43%1,142
PetrerProperty for sale Petrer0.00%-0.02%-6.57%938
PinosoProperty for sale Pinoso-0.01%-0.01%6.50%1,025
PolopProperty for sale Polop0.06%0.07%-2.91%1,925
RojalesProperty for sale Rojales0.02%0.49%-9.17%2,067
SagraProperty for sale Sagra0.00%0.18%-18.07%1,194
San FulgencioProperty for sale San Fulgencio-0.03%0.09%-10.85%1,544
San Miguel De SalinasProperty for sale San Miguel De Salinas0.00%-0.12%-1.90%2,281
Sanet Y NegralsProperty for sale Sanet Y Negrals0.59%-0.47%-23.72%1,504
Sant Joan D´AlacantProperty for sale Sant Joan D´Alacant0.07%0.24%-7.82%1,370
Sant Vicent Del RaspeigProperty for sale Sant Vicent Del Raspeig0.02%0.19%-6.41%1,250
Santa PolaProperty for sale Santa Pola0.04%0.02%-4.18%1,645
SaxProperty for sale Sax0.00%-0.07%6.51%1,037
TeuladaProperty for sale Teulada-0.04%0.22%3.78%1,186
TormosProperty for sale Tormos-0.35%-0.51%-4.04%1,715
TorreviejaProperty for sale Torrevieja-0.10%-0.10%-7.52%1,642
VillenaProperty for sale Villena-0.02%-0.03%1.75%847
VergelProperty for sale Vergel0.33%-2.33%4.43%1,238
Playa De San JuanProperty for sale Playa De San Juan0.24%0.52%-16.25%2,152
CampoamorProperty for sale Campoamor0.22%-1.88%-7.04%2,173
La MarinaProperty for sale La Marina0.00%-0.10%-0.93%1,854
Rafol De AlmuniaProperty for sale Rafol De Almunia-0.22%-1.38%-4.80%1,566
MorairaProperty for sale Moraira0.10%0.04%0.04%2,343
Arenales Del SolProperty for sale Arenales Del Sol0.00%-0.15%0.42%2,015
El Albir0.00%-0.04%17.02%2,285
TorrellanoProperty for sale Torrellano0.30%0.28%2.77%1,108
Orihuela CostaProperty for sale Orihuela Costa-0.03%-0.05%-8.52%2,019
La Xara0.15%-0.25%6.19%1,353
Gran AlacantProperty for sale Gran Alacant-0.18%0.07%-7.76%1,804
Ciudad QuesadaProperty for sale Ciudad Quesada0.01%-0.05%0.44%2,180
Alfaz Del PiProperty for sale Alfaz Del Pi-0.05%-0.20%0.13%1,819
Torre De La HoradadaProperty for sale Torre De La Horadada0.61%1.72%-7.86%1,937
Dehesa De CampoamorProperty for sale Dehesa De Campoamor0.00%0.07%-1.13%1,898
Jesus PobreProperty for sale Jesus Pobre0.01%0.52%-15.93%1,585
Cabo RoigProperty for sale Cabo Roig0.00%-1.44%-6.56%2,182
La Zenia-0.04%2.69%3.15%2,119
La Marina Del PinetProperty for sale La Marina Del Pinet0.00%-0.12%-11.19%1,459
Los Dolses0.00%-2.49%2.04%2,187
Punta PrimaProperty for sale Punta Prima0.26%-8.52%-21.62%2,222

Cheapest provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
MurciaProperty for sale Murcia1,093-0.11%
CuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1540.01%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,187-0.06%
Castellon de la PlanaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1930.23%
HuelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,2000.00%
LleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2180.05%
GuadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,2450.00%
AlmeriaProperty for sale Almeria1,275-0.09%
BadajozProperty for sale Badajoz1,277-0.32%
TarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,3440.00%

Most expensive provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
Madrid CapitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital3,7100.42%
Barcelona CapitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,6750.50%
AndorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9980.14%
Palma de MallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca2,7360.59%
SevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,4690.19%
ValenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,2730.50%
A CoruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1300.67%
SantanderProperty for sale Santander1,8660.00%
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7440.01%
MalagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7390.09%

Cities with the highest quarterly increase

Town €/m2 Q. variation
a coruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1302.03%
andorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9981.56%
malagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7390.97%
castellon de la planaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1930.93%
las palmas de gran canariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7440.53%
granadaProperty for sale Granada1,6540.35%
lleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2180.33%
alicanteProperty for sale Alicante1,4380.27%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,1870.14%
cuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1540.05%

Cities with the highest quarterly decrease

Town €/m2 Q. variation
guadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,245-1.30%
salamancaProperty for sale Salamanca1,657-0.62%
barcelona capitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,675-0.43%
murciaProperty for sale Murcia1,093-0.31%
soriaProperty for sale Soria1,395-0.30%
tarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,344-0.19%
huelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,200-0.18%
cordobaProperty for sale Cordoba1,625-0.13%
segoviaProperty for sale Segovia1,553-0.08%
oviedoProperty for sale Oviedo1,462-0.06%