Price per square meter in carcaixent

Data calculated at April, 2020

Average price in carcaixent:

0.08% monthly change

Square meter price evolution of second-hand homes in carcaixent

The average price per square meter of second-hand homes for sale in carcaixent during April 2020 stood at 655 Euros because of the increase of 0.08% compared to the previous month, and the cumulative quarterly decrease is -0.5%.

To elaborate this statistic we have taken the data of the Houses for sale in carcaixent from our database of second-hand homes introduced by owners and professionals, The prices are entered by the user and do not necessarily have to be their final sale price.

The information refers to properties type houses in carcaixent, Taking as a reference the area built to avoid other attachments may have as a garden, terrace, etc ... Houses with a constructed area and price less than 35 m² and 25,000 Euros and more than 200 m² and 500,000 Euros have also been eliminated from this statistic. to avoid the influence of extreme prices, both excess and default, at the same time, All provinces and towns where the sample is less than 80 houses are outside of this statistic, so the data of these provinces or towns will not appear or do so with zero value.

Average price in the most important towns of Valencia

ValenciaProperty for sale Valencia0.50%-27.03%-24.31%2,273
AgullentProperty for sale Agullent0.03%-0.26%-0.78%790
Aielo De Malferit0.00%0.00%21.03%648
AlaquasProperty for sale Alaquas0.22%0.62%12.65%1,010
AlbaidaProperty for sale Albaida0.52%-1.04%9.67%735
AlbalProperty for sale Albal0.13%0.43%-4.59%1,134
Albalat Dels SorellsProperty for sale Albalat Dels Sorells0.00%0.00%2.13%1,058
AlborayaProperty for sale Alboraya-0.08%0.93%-9.96%2,307
Alcantera De Xuquer0.07%-0.21%18.19%778
AlcasserProperty for sale Alcasser0.27%1.44%5.35%928
AldaiaProperty for sale Aldaia0.24%0.11%1.12%1,111
AlfafarProperty for sale Alfafar0.00%0.06%-4.95%1,098
AlmasseraProperty for sale Almassera-0.03%-0.51%7.00%1,073
AlmoinesProperty for sale Almoines-0.41%-0.62%-7.84%785
AlziraProperty for sale Alzira0.02%-0.22%1.52%952
BarxProperty for sale Barx1.19%6.24%21.20%1,040
BenaguasilProperty for sale Benaguasil0.10%-0.07%26.08%1,054
BenetusserProperty for sale Benetusser0.01%0.10%-2.24%1,131
BeniarjoProperty for sale Beniarjo0.25%-0.73%-18.06%711
BeniganimProperty for sale Beniganim-0.07%-0.36%19.04%691
BeteraProperty for sale Betera0.08%0.58%-1.74%1,245
BocairentProperty for sale Bocairent0.00%-0.29%18.58%740
Bonrepos I MirambellProperty for sale Bonrepos I Mirambell-0.06%-0.08%-7.40%1,110
BurjassotProperty for sale Burjassot0.20%0.55%17.32%1,278
CanalsProperty for sale Canals-0.30%-1.12%-1.32%681
Canet D´En BerenguerProperty for sale Canet D´En Berenguer-0.08%-0.70%-12.62%1,310
CatarrojaProperty for sale Catarroja0.32%2.08%3.34%1,071
ChivaProperty for sale Chiva-0.01%-0.38%12.11%1,047
CorberaProperty for sale Corbera0.29%-7.04%-0.34%611
CulleraProperty for sale Cullera0.14%0.27%2.69%1,493
DaimusProperty for sale Daimus-0.13%-0.40%0.15%1,415
FoiosProperty for sale Foios0.00%-0.17%2.31%870
GandiaProperty for sale Gandia0.40%1.25%-11.56%1,028
GiletProperty for sale Gilet0.00%-1.82%-3.71%958
GodellaProperty for sale Godella0.06%-0.25%-6.42%1,252
L´ Alcudia De CrespinsProperty for sale L´ Alcudia De Crespins-0.14%-0.99%1.41%733
L´ Alqueria De La Condesa1.75%2.05%-14.65%670
L´ ElianaProperty for sale L´ Eliana0.13%-1.14%25.31%1,935
L´ OlleriaProperty for sale L´ Olleria-0.06%-1.48%4.11%610
La Font D´En CarrosProperty for sale La Font D´En Carros-0.27%-0.55%4.73%706
La Pobla De FarnalsProperty for sale La Pobla De Farnals0.61%2.38%-1.04%1,322
La Pobla De VallbonaProperty for sale La Pobla De Vallbona0.47%0.98%5.43%1,108
La Pobla Llarga-0.20%-1.61%-24.76%576
Llanera De Ranes0.00%-0.28%-8.96%752
LliriaProperty for sale Lliria0.11%0.23%5.66%1,067
ManisesProperty for sale Manises0.27%0.23%0.31%1,169
MassamagrellProperty for sale Massamagrell0.58%2.00%4.51%958
MassanassaProperty for sale Massanassa0.27%-0.04%11.27%1,149
MelianaProperty for sale Meliana-0.29%1.67%-18.60%1,038
MiramarProperty for sale Miramar0.19%-1.32%7.14%1,076
MislataProperty for sale Mislata0.01%0.42%2.23%1,247
MoncadaProperty for sale Moncada0.10%-0.09%1.50%1,112
MonserratProperty for sale Monserrat-0.19%-0.54%5.57%950
MuserosProperty for sale Museros0.47%1.24%28.44%1,188
NaqueraProperty for sale Naquera-0.01%-0.17%-6.89%1,113
OlivaProperty for sale Oliva-0.10%-2.29%-4.55%1,078
OntinyentProperty for sale Ontinyent-0.08%-0.07%0.46%825
PaiportaProperty for sale Paiporta-0.01%0.33%-9.93%1,237
Palma De GandiaProperty for sale Palma De Gandia-0.97%-4.80%-7.56%842
PaternaProperty for sale Paterna0.39%2.03%8.63%1,229
PedralbaProperty for sale Pedralba0.00%-0.63%27.69%941
PicanyaProperty for sale Picanya0.00%0.70%-16.93%1,282
PicassentProperty for sale Picassent0.10%0.59%-8.05%966
PilesProperty for sale Piles0.08%-1.47%23.11%1,136
PuçolProperty for sale Puçol-0.22%-0.24%9.87%1,186
PuigProperty for sale Puig0.38%0.70%-8.76%1,687
Quart De PobletProperty for sale Quart De Poblet0.02%0.64%0.71%1,058
Rafelbuñol RafelbunyolProperty for sale Rafelbuñol Rafelbunyol0.23%-0.36%-6.00%1,034
RafelcoferProperty for sale Rafelcofer0.00%-2.49%12.52%585
Real De GandiaProperty for sale Real De Gandia0.60%1.31%4.39%708
Real De Montroi0.00%-1.28%7.02%712
Riba Roja De TuriaProperty for sale Riba Roja De Turia-0.05%-0.24%-10.12%1,158
RocafortProperty for sale Rocafort0.27%0.83%5.02%1,532
Sagunto SaguntProperty for sale Sagunto Sagunt0.12%0.80%15.49%1,023
San Antonio De Benageber0.00%-0.57%23.68%1,690
SedaviProperty for sale Sedavi0.40%0.28%-4.62%1,122
SerraProperty for sale Serra0.00%-0.08%-8.83%1,061
SillaProperty for sale Silla-0.09%-0.04%-6.32%928
SuecaProperty for sale Sueca0.53%2.28%-8.81%1,103
Tavernes BlanquesProperty for sale Tavernes Blanques0.06%-0.52%1.57%1,141
Tavernes De La ValldignaProperty for sale Tavernes De La Valldigna0.29%2.03%1.13%861
TorrentProperty for sale Torrent0.21%0.78%-8.84%1,152
VillalongaProperty for sale Villalonga-0.02%0.15%-9.85%697
VinalesaProperty for sale Vinalesa0.00%-0.10%-8.85%973
XativaProperty for sale Xativa0.00%-0.25%-0.53%908
XeracoProperty for sale Xeraco0.53%1.84%10.92%1,145
XeresaProperty for sale Xeresa1.05%3.48%1.18%922
XirivellaProperty for sale Xirivella0.02%0.81%-4.65%1,020
Guardamar De La SaforProperty for sale Guardamar De La Safor0.95%2.36%-2.02%1,480
Puerto De SaguntoProperty for sale Puerto De Sagunto0.00%1.76%-7.07%1,059
BeniflaProperty for sale Benifla0.00%-2.66%24.68%792
Pla De Corrals0.00%0.00%0.00%1,636
El PerelloProperty for sale El Perello-0.39%-0.35%9.96%1,929

Cheapest provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
MurciaProperty for sale Murcia1,093-0.11%
CuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1540.01%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,187-0.06%
Castellon de la PlanaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1930.23%
HuelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,2000.00%
LleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2180.05%
GuadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,2450.00%
AlmeriaProperty for sale Almeria1,275-0.09%
BadajozProperty for sale Badajoz1,277-0.32%
TarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,3440.00%

Most expensive provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
Madrid CapitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital3,7100.42%
Barcelona CapitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,6750.50%
AndorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9980.14%
Palma de MallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca2,7360.59%
SevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,4690.19%
ValenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,2730.50%
A CoruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1300.67%
SantanderProperty for sale Santander1,8660.00%
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7440.01%
MalagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7390.09%

Cities with the highest quarterly increase

Town €/m2 Q. variation
a coruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1302.03%
andorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9981.56%
malagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7390.97%
castellon de la planaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1930.93%
las palmas de gran canariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7440.53%
granadaProperty for sale Granada1,6540.35%
lleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2180.33%
alicanteProperty for sale Alicante1,4380.27%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,1870.14%
cuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1540.05%

Cities with the highest quarterly decrease

Town €/m2 Q. variation
guadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,245-1.30%
salamancaProperty for sale Salamanca1,657-0.62%
barcelona capitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,675-0.43%
murciaProperty for sale Murcia1,093-0.31%
soriaProperty for sale Soria1,395-0.30%
tarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,344-0.19%
huelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,200-0.18%
cordobaProperty for sale Cordoba1,625-0.13%
segoviaProperty for sale Segovia1,553-0.08%
oviedoProperty for sale Oviedo1,462-0.06%