Lands Sale In Solorzano

lands sale in solorzano

6 lands sale in solorzano

land sale barcena de cicero adal treto by 75,209 eur


-4%Has dropped €3,008

To 7 Kms. away from Solorzano

Economical land to purchase in adal treto area barcena de cicero.

land sale voto carasa by 60,355 eur


-4%Has dropped €2,414

To 7 Kms. away from Solorzano

Economical land in carasa area voto.

land sale voto badames by 315,305 eur


To 7 Kms. away from Solorzano

Second Hand land in badames area voto.

land sale bareyo la sorrozuela by 116,026 eur


+4%Has gone up €4,841

To 10 Kms. away from Solorzano

679 m²

Economical land in la sorrozuela area bareyo.

land sale ajo cabo de ajo by 185,000 eur


-7%Has dropped €13,000

To 11 Kms. away from Solorzano

500 m² 2 days ago

finca of 500 m2 with licence and project paid for the construction of a villa. spectacular views of the sea and santander in the background. 1st coast line. the possibility of modifying the project.

land sale helgueras helguera de reocin by 30,000 eur


To 12 Kms. away from Solorzano

2800 m² 2 days ago

Discounted Price land in helguera de reocin area helgueras.

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