After signing the contract

If you want to have a copy of the scripture of your home and your loan mortgage, you can requested directly to the notary.

In any case, a mangement agency shall make all registration formalities for both scriptures in the Registry of Property.

As already indicated, the scripture of buying a property and its financing with a mortgage have a number of expenses outside the bank, such as notary, management agency, taxes, etc.. Well, the day of the signing of these scriptures, you must make a provision for the management agency that will handle these administrative procedures. This provision will be used to pay these expenses.

Once paid, if there is any excess amount -is usual, the mangement agency will pay to you the excess amount, and conversely if the amount was not enough, they would pass an additional liquidation.

Furthermore, when the Property Registry return both registered scripture, the mangement agency will forward to you the first copy of the purchase of your home and a copy of your mortgage loan and bills of all amounts paid by you.

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