Before signing the purchase contract

Before signing any document is appropriate to check the registration status of the property requesting a Simple Note Registered at the property register. Thus we can be sure that the seller is the real owner of the property and whether or not charges levied on the property you are buying.

The contract must collect all the details of the purchase with the highest possible accuracy, as it represents a compromise for both parties. (name and address of the seller and the buyer, housing identifying, definition of the contract is being performed, agreed price, payment method, etc.).


The importance of homeownership may be advisable to enlist the help of a lawyer to advise on the content of contracts.

Information and publicity

  • When the home seller is a promoter company will be required to meet certain reporting requirements and advertising.

    In addition, the company will publicly available certain information and documents, including:

    • Company name, address and registration information in the Commercial Register.
    • Location map of the house, housing plans, description, useful area of the building, services and supplies, common areas and fire safety measures, etc...
    • Property Registry data.
    • Copies of licenses for the construction and occupancy of homes.
    • Community Statutes.
    • Total sales price and terms of payment.
    • If subrogation mortgage, mortgage data. How it is provided to document the contract with its general and special conditions, making explicit and clearly stated the following:

      The real estate company offers to its customers a standardized contract model, homogeneous and written by their legal advisers, in order that the buyer accepts predetermined conditions contract.

      We advise that if you consider, before signing the contract, that has not been well informed, seek the advice of an attorney.
  • Buy the Owner

    In this case the seller is not obliged to give the information that we have seen before, so you will be who will ask for the following documents:

    • Titles of ownership of the transferor.
    • The latest annual receipt of Property Tax also called "urban contribution."
    • Certificate of the community of owners, proving that the seller is up to date in the payment of community fees
    • It is also useful to examine the statutes of the community.

Ownership and property charges:

As noted above, one of the first steps before buying a home will be check the ownership and status of charges in the Property Register, requesting a simple note with which will verify the real owner of the property, if the property is mortgaged, possible foreclosures, etc.

That is, the consult to the registry is a guarantee of security for the purchaser who must make this effort whether cash payment or if you request for a mortgage, although in this case, the bank will require this information.

In the event that you purchase housing were taxed with a prior mortgage or any other charges, they must be canceled by the seller before or simultaneously with the signing scriptures to the notary.

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