Signature of scripture

Once accepted the binding offer comes time to formalize the scriptures.

To take this step is necessary to provide supplementary documentation: ownership title to the seller, recent receipt of Property Tax and conditions of purchase.

Normally in one act and in the presence of the notary, the purchase scripture of the house and the mortgage loan will be formalized. Verify that collects all the aspects that you gave the nod in the binding offer.

It is highly desirable that the notary check again that the property has been no change between the time you made the first verification and signature scripture.

At signature time will have to provide the following documents:

  • Buyers:

    • Identity card
    • marriage settlement if exists.
  • Sellers:

    • Identity card
    • Title of ownership.
    • Last paid receipt of Property Tax.
    • Certificate of the community of owners to stay up to date in the commnity fees payment.
    • Most of banks give the loan amount simultaneously with the signing of the scriptures in order that you can pay in this act the seller.
    • According to Spanish law, the mortgage garanty is only made ​​when the notarial documents are entered in the Registry of Property, therefore, after the signing, both scriptures (mortgage and purchasing) must liquidate their corresponding taxes and be registered in the registry.
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