Guide to buy a house in Spain

Where to search:

  • House seekers on internet
  • Direct sales between vendorand buyer
  • Through promoting firms
  • Using real state agents services
  • Through real state sections at publications

Important, What can affect the price of housing:

  • Size, situation and construction quality.
  • Housing price is proportional to its size.

    • Useful surface: it is the sum of surfaces of all the spaces of the property without the thickness of the walls Normally inner surface of the house, balconies, rofftops and patios are indicated separately.
    • Built surface: it is the sum of the usable surface plus walls thickness and sometimes also for patios and ventilation ducts.
  • Situation: choice of the area makes the purchase price of the housing and the future expenses. Therefore analyze the following factors:

    • Services in the area
    • Displacements
    • Guidance
    • Changes and improvements
  • And with regard to the quality of construction:

    • Structure
    • Quality standars
    • Openings to outside
    • Facilities
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