Price per square meter in adeje, sta. cruz de tenerife

Data calculated at April, 2020

Average price in Spain:

-0.07% Monthly variation

Square meter price evolution of second-hand homes in adeje

Average price in the most important towns of Sta. Cruz De Tenerife

Santa Cruz De TenerifeProperty for sale Santa Cruz De Tenerife0.87%2.47%8.98%1,553
AronaProperty for sale Arona0.00%0.47%-24.56%1,674
CandelariaProperty for sale Candelaria0.20%0.04%-18.58%1,640
El RosarioProperty for sale El Rosario0.44%2.16%-15.34%1,416
El SauzalProperty for sale El Sauzal0.14%0.26%-11.42%1,235
Guia De IsoraProperty for sale Guia De Isora0.00%0.22%-15.66%1,576
GüimarProperty for sale Güimar1.13%1.37%3.16%1,241
Icod De Los VinosProperty for sale Icod De Los Vinos0.83%6.16%-7.50%833
La Matanza De Acentejo-0.48%-3.06%-2.82%1,114
La OrotavaProperty for sale La Orotava1.48%3.62%-15.68%1,344
Los RealejosProperty for sale Los Realejos4.30%18.76%17.50%1,272
Puerto De La CruzProperty for sale Puerto De La Cruz0.38%4.28%1.87%1,626
San Cristobal De La LagunaProperty for sale San Cristobal De La Laguna0.01%0.62%0.42%1,153
San Miguel De AbonaProperty for sale San Miguel De Abona0.15%0.22%-27.79%1,253
Santa UrsulaProperty for sale Santa Ursula1.33%4.36%6.76%1,375
Santiago Del Teide-0.05%-0.25%-28.85%2,216
TacoronteProperty for sale Tacoronte0.40%2.49%-0.65%1,301
ArmeñimeProperty for sale Armeñime-0.44%0.50%3.72%2,214
Las ChafirasProperty for sale Las Chafiras-0.09%-1.51%12.75%1,786
Playa De Las Americas0.04%3.23%-9.03%2,674
Playa De Los Cristianos0.00%-0.37%-5.45%2,747
San Isidro De Abona-0.35%-0.28%-10.48%1,265
Costa Del Silencio0.28%0.23%-12.23%2,118

Cheapest provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
MurciaProperty for sale Murcia1,093-0.11%
CuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1540.01%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,187-0.06%
Castellon de la PlanaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1930.23%
HuelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,2000.00%
LleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2180.05%
GuadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,2450.00%
AlmeriaProperty for sale Almeria1,275-0.09%
BadajozProperty for sale Badajoz1,277-0.32%
TarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,3440.00%

Most expensive provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
Madrid CapitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital3,7100.42%
Barcelona CapitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,6750.50%
AndorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9980.14%
Palma de MallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca2,7360.59%
SevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,4690.19%
ValenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,2730.50%
A CoruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1300.67%
SantanderProperty for sale Santander1,8660.00%
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7440.01%
MalagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7390.09%

Cities with the highest quarterly increase

Town €/m2 Q. variation
santa cruz de tenerifeProperty for sale Santa Cruz De Tenerife1,5532.47%
a coruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1301.63%
andorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9981.38%
castellon de la planaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1931.06%
madrid capitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital3,7100.93%
malagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7390.92%
palma de mallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca2,7360.91%
valenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,2730.55%
las palmas de gran canariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7440.53%
barcelona capitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,6750.41%

Cities with the highest quarterly decrease

Town €/m2 Q. variation
guadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,245-1.36%
badajozProperty for sale Badajoz1,277-0.66%
salamancaProperty for sale Salamanca1,657-0.64%
murciaProperty for sale Murcia1,093-0.30%
soriaProperty for sale Soria1,395-0.27%
huelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,200-0.23%
tarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,344-0.20%
oviedoProperty for sale Oviedo1,462-0.09%
cordobaProperty for sale Cordoba1,625-0.08%
segoviaProperty for sale Segovia1,553-0.02%