Price per square meter in ceuta Province

Data calculated at February, 2020

Average price in Spain:

-0.42% Monthly variation

Square meter price evolution of second-hand homes in ceuta province

Average prices and evolution by provinces

MadridProperties for sale Madrid0.09%0.05%3.09%2,746
BarcelonaProperties for sale Barcelona-0.49%-0.18%1.59%3,110
AlavaProperties for sale Alava0.49%1.41%1.90%2,505
AlbaceteProperties for sale Albacete-0.60%-0.18%2.52%1,303
AlicanteProperties for sale Alicante-0.19%0.57%5.79%1,716
AlmeriaProperties for sale Almeria-0.73%-0.69%0.73%1,475
AsturiasProperties for sale Asturias0.20%-0.72%-1.02%1,604
AvilaProperties for sale Avila-1.07%-0.84%2.32%1,294
A CoruñaProperties for sale A Coruña-0.37%-0.77%-1.26%1,734
BadajozProperties for sale Badajoz1.23%0.66%0.35%1,186
BurgosProperties for sale Burgos0.25%-0.41%-0.73%1,404
CaceresProperties for sale Caceres-0.22%-0.81%0.18%1,225
CadizProperties for sale Cadiz0.24%0.01%1.04%1,766
CantabriaProperties for sale Cantabria-0.46%-0.75%0.06%1,752
CastellonProperties for sale Castellon0.47%0.08%0.90%1,715
Ciudad RealProperties for sale Ciudad Real0.29%0.72%0.54%1,154
CordobaProperties for sale Cordoba-1.04%-1.14%-1.95%1,755
CuencaProperties for sale Cuenca-0.46%-2.47%-2.84%1,276
GironaProperties for sale Girona0.18%-1.98%0.73%2,219
GranadaProperties for sale Granada0.73%1.72%7.80%1,848
GuadalajaraProperties for sale Guadalajara0.29%-0.43%0.52%1,653
GuipuzcoaProperties for sale Guipuzcoa0.31%0.17%0.31%2,959
HuelvaProperties for sale Huelva0.44%-1.36%0.61%1,396
HuescaProperties for sale Huesca-0.47%-0.73%-4.64%1,841
Islas BalearesProperties for sale Islas Baleares-0.11%-0.27%2.72%3,265
JaenProperties for sale Jaen-0.70%-0.51%-0.71%1,328
Las PalmasProperties for sale Las Palmas-0.50%0.65%2.15%1,833
La RiojaProperties for sale La Rioja0.40%-0.09%0.83%1,489
LeonProperties for sale Leon-0.37%-0.32%-0.16%1,143
LleidaProperties for sale Lleida-0.33%0.91%2.33%1,504
LugoProperties for sale Lugo-1.01%-1.88%-3.86%1,351
MalagaProperties for sale Malaga-0.17%0.44%5.38%2,675
MurciaProperties for sale Murcia0.41%0.97%6.15%1,564
NavarraProperties for sale Navarra0.08%-0.82%-0.10%1,532
OurenseProperties for sale Ourense0.33%0.25%-0.87%1,266
PalenciaProperties for sale Palencia-0.48%-0.56%0.69%1,204
PontevedraProperties for sale Pontevedra-0.64%-0.91%-5.26%1,670
SalamancaProperties for sale Salamanca-1.06%-0.75%0.80%1,296
SegoviaProperties for sale Segovia-0.28%0.68%-1.22%1,337
SevillaProperties for sale Sevilla0.22%0.90%3.09%1,887
SoriaProperties for sale Soria0.21%-0.31%-0.07%1,541
Sta. Cruz De TenerifeProperties for sale Sta. Cruz De Tenerife0.91%2.02%4.62%1,822
TarragonaProperties for sale Tarragona-0.62%0.21%-0.19%1,995
TeruelProperties for sale Teruel-0.39%-2.69%0.39%1,447
ToledoProperties for sale Toledo-0.48%-0.75%0.38%1,399
ValenciaProperties for sale Valencia0.24%-0.64%4.61%1,719
ValladolidProperties for sale Valladolid-0.33%-1.14%0.88%1,583
VizcayaProperties for sale Vizcaya-0.35%-1.15%-0.67%3,000
ZamoraProperties for sale Zamora0.39%-1.26%-1.61%1,338
ZaragozaProperties for sale Zaragoza-0.55%0.24%2.39%1,978
AndorraProperties for sale Andorra-16.78%-16.78%-16.78%2,878

Cheapest provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
MurciaProperty for sale Murcia1,0960.02%
CuencaProperty for sale Cuenca1,1560.17%
Castellon de la PlanaProperty for sale Castellon De La Plana1,1820.13%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,1870.08%
HuelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,200-0.18%
LleidaProperty for sale Lleida1,2160.09%
GuadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,2620.00%
AlmeriaProperty for sale Almeria1,2750.09%
BadajozProperty for sale Badajoz1,2910.39%
TarragonaProperty for sale Tarragona1,345-0.10%

Most expensive provincial capitals

Town €/m2 Q. variation
Madrid CapitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital3,6820.18%
Barcelona CapitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,650-0.26%
AndorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9931.24%
Palma de MallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca2,708-0.11%
SevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,4760.66%
ValenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,2700.41%
A CoruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1090.67%
GironaProperty for sale Girona2,0430.00%
SantanderProperty for sale Santander1,8670.05%
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7420.39%

Cities with the highest quarterly increase

Town €/m2 Q. variation
andorraProperty for sale Andorra2,9933.31%
santa cruz de tenerifeProperty for sale Santa Cruz De Tenerife1,5272.42%
a coruñaProperty for sale A Coruña2,1091.91%
sevillaProperty for sale Sevilla2,4761.47%
valenciaProperty for sale Valencia2,2701.16%
las palmas de gran canariaProperty for sale Las Palmas De Gran Canaria1,7421.03%
malagaProperty for sale Malaga1,7370.98%
palma de mallorcaProperty for sale Palma De Mallorca2,7080.47%
gironaProperty for sale Girona2,0430.36%
guadalajaraProperty for sale Guadalajara1,2620.34%

Cities with the highest quarterly decrease

Town €/m2 Q. variation
salamancaProperty for sale Salamanca1,659-1.27%
barcelona capitalProperty for sale Barcelona Capital3,650-0.84%
avilaProperty for sale Avila1,187-0.62%
huelvaProperty for sale Huelva1,200-0.39%
madrid capitalProperty for sale Madrid Capital3,682-0.35%
zaragozaProperty for sale Zaragoza1,583-0.29%
soriaProperty for sale Soria1,398-0.18%
valladolidProperty for sale Valladolid1,382-0.18%
granadaProperty for sale Granada1,649-0.16%
segoviaProperty for sale Segovia1,553-0.09%